The Appliance Guru Service Fees

The Appliance Guru Experience

After you submit your online contact form, we’ll write back with information, such as: recommendations, tips, repair estimates, and/or an offer to come do a service call on your appliance.

If we come for a service call, we will diagnose your appliance and then give you an exact quote for doing the repair. One flat price will include all parts, and fees, so you know ahead of time exactly what the cost is. If you choose to do the repair, this will be the total amount you will owe. And check out our reassuring Triple Guarantee!

If you decide not to have the repair done, then you will just owe the diagnostic/service call fee of $125.

Stacked laundry and built-in refrigerators may add $65 to the service call charge, depending on how much the appliance needs to be moved to do the diagnostic work.

Additional appliances will incur diagnostic fees of $45-95 each, depending on the amount of work needed.

Payment Terms

Please note that we do ask for payment after the repair is complete at the time of the service call.

We also ask that a homeowner is present for our first appointment.

If you will not be at the home when the repair is completed, we will ask for payment up front either via check or online payment.

Our Unique Offer to our Local Customers

Our main business is providing technical training to appliance repair technicians all over the world at our Training Website.

However, in order to keep up with the latest models and produce content for our students, we continue to run service calls in the New London-Sunapee area on a part-time basis. We enjoy continuing our relationships with our great customers as well as getting that “hands-on” experience.

Our extensive experience in the field and in training other techs gives us a lot of insight that we can provide to you when you send in your service call request. The trade-off is that we have limited spots available each week to schedule repair appointments. This is why we have such a small service area and can’t offer to come out for each request that we receive.

However, our commitment to offering the most professional appliance repair service available has not wavered. If we do schedule an appointment with you, then you will enjoy the assurance of a high-quality experience.