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 Posted: Sun Jun 17th, 2007 12:05 am
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The only other question I can ask is if the machine is on the second floor of the home. In my experience, I've had more complaints about vibrating front-loaders on second floors. It's probably because the homes in Maine tend to be older and the floors aren't as sturdy. Sometimes laying down a rubber mat underneath it helps. It's not ideal, but it's a cheap fix. 

I had a handicapped customer who lived on the second floor of a 150 year old home and her FTF530 Frigidaire was vibrating all to hell. I told her to get a friend or relative to go to the hardware store and get a rubber mat that a cashier would stand on and put it underneath and she called back to tell us that it helped a lot.

Again, it's not ideal, but it helps.

In sales, the first question I ask any customer looking for front-loaders is where they are putting them. I own a Fisher & Paykel set myself because I live in a trailer. I love the Bosch machines, but there's no way I'm letting it vibrate my home all day.