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 Posted: Tue Apr 10th, 2007 01:44 am
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I started off actually repairing Gas stoves, heaters, everything gas, in Midtown Manhattan New  York.  I did this for about a year before I took a "better paying" job, where I picked up washers, dryers, a/c (window shakers) dishwashers, compactors, garbage disposal's,  instant hots. We were factory service for Kitchen Aid, Thermador, Jenn Air, Speed Queen, Fedders, Tappan, and a few others I don't even remember. I do remember running 12 to 15 calls on a daily basis. I did this diligently and always wanting to know everything on everything. I became their go to Tech cause of all the knowledge I acquired. The only thing I didn't acquire was a larger pay check to go with the experience I now had.

I finally said enough, and started my own business in Queens New York in 1986 thru 1991 and it was the best thing I ever did. This business will never get you rich, but you can make a damn good living! Moved down to Florida in 1991 with 6 kids in tow and worked for the Gas company as a A gas man for 2 years till I knew the territory well enough to start my business down here. Need less to say, still here, still got my head under something or behind something, and learning more and more. The only thing I do different down here, is selling reconditioned appliances as well as service. Works out pretty good.


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