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 Posted: Sun Jan 28th, 2007 11:45 pm
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So here's the deal.  Six months ago, I bought the above references washing machine as non-working from a moving sale for CHEAP.  After replacing the inlet valves it worked like a pro.

Today, on the third load it stopped working.  I opened the unlocked door to find a soaking wet pile of towels, and  three inches of water in the bottom.  After scooping out the water, and opening the filter door to drain the rest, I started a test run with an empty tub.

(Edit- while draining the water through the filter door, I checked the lint filter itself - spotless - I should be proud, but the victory is bittersweet).

The washer will go through the two little mini-spins, then the drain pump will kick on, and then the washer will fill.  This is all normal.  Then, however, the door will unlock and the start-button will start blinking, as though it is ready for the next load.  The progress LCD remains on Wash.

(Edit-  I'm unsure if the door is unlocked, and I'm unwilling to experience a tidal-wave of wash water by checking to see.  I did hear a little click right at the end, so it's just a guess that the door unlocked.)

If I press the Start button again, the macine locks the door, goes through its little mini-spins, agitates three to four times, then unlocks the door and the Start button start blinking.  The progress LCD remains on Wash.

I checked the pressure switch by checking for continuity as I blew into the valve - ok for both sets of terminals.  As of this moment with the machine stopped the switch is open (infinity).  Should it be closed with water in the tub?

I wouldn't think anything is wrong with the drain pump, as it does kick on at the beginning of the cycle and water is drained out.  Besides, at the point the cycle stops it shouldn't be draining anyway.  I checked for kinks in the pressure hose, at least as far as I could check without taking anything apart. 

The test program doesn't work, but it never did - at least not since I got it. 

First and foremost, is there any way to drain the sucker without opening up the filter door and spilling everything out onto the floor?  I don't want to attempt to move it or tip it with that much water in there.

Secondly, what in the world is making it quit when the cycle is just getting started?

Any help or pointers would be great - just preferable don't tell me I need to change out the control board - then I'll lose my wonderful $$ savings that I bragged to everyone about.

Thanks in advance!

(Edit- on a sidenote, that soaking pile of towels is still spinning in the dryer - close to two and a half hours later on the More Dry setting.  My electric company will love me this month!)

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