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 Posted: Thu Jan 25th, 2007 04:06 pm
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yes...kind of....where the 8201799 has 2 overloads as we know, the smaller ones are usually contained all in the small plastic boxes that we have all seen burnt to a crisp and melted over the years.  As far as a 2 piece like the 8201799 I don't know of any that come in a kit together, naturally you can order each piece individually but that defeats the purpose of the kit.......

part #8201769  used on the 18 cu models without the cap.  if my mind serves me right, and Part #2212964 is for the 18 cu with cap

SERVICE REMINDER....always use the correct overload/relay combo for the design intended....any part that is installed that is not of the correct temp and variance could cause pre-mature compressor failure ..always use the correct part #'s when available (had to be politicaly correct)

That being said if you read  my post before with the link, there is a tolerance of + or - 5 degrees on the open , and + or - 9 tolerance on the reset on the temperature

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