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 Posted: Sat Jan 20th, 2007 02:15 pm
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This was my standard answer on the 3-in-1. It was in reply to someone who believed it was a good permanent fix, not a temporary repair. Plus he wasn't wiring in the run capacitor.

The link in Poobahs' post has some good stuff in it. We have taken on the 3-in-1 issue a few times in the past.



For starters you have removed the run capacitor from many compressors that were made to have them.

Secondly, all those compressors you serviced no longer have over-temperature protection.

Third, you have added a start capacitor to compressors that were not designed to have one.

Fourth, you may have made the unit draw more amperage than it was designed to handle.

Fifth, when one of these does fail, the next tech may refuse to honor the compressor warranty, and blame you for using an non-approved part.

The factory relays are just as cheap and easy to install as any 3-in-1 part.


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