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 Posted: Sun Jan 14th, 2007 04:49 pm
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9 yrs ago, at the tender age of 23, with a wife and 2 children, I started as an apprentice service tech in a small shop in a small town in NZ. Basically cleaning trade-in's, making cups of tea, delivering and installing, part-time salesperson......... oh and when there was time, learning to repair appliances.

After 18 mths, I was a registered electrical service technician, able to work on everything from toasters, to 3 phase irrigation pump motors and starters.

I stayed with that company another 6 months (Boss was a nice guy, but didn't think he had to spend money to keep staff), in that time we were expecting baby #3.

We moved to the other side of the island, and for 6 yrs I did in-home service in a large farming area, repairing everything from toasters to 3 phase irrigation pump motors and starters.

Also, in that time #3 eventually hatched into a beautiful little girl..........and 18 mths after that, the family was blessed with #4 ( latex make me feel nauseous;))

Then we moved to Canada in March last year, with the help of this site and its members, to whom I am eternally grateful. Now working as a contractor for a high-end service company in Vancouver and loving it.

This is an awesome job, and I feel privileged to be a part of 2 groups, the Priority family, and the Samurai family, that take this job as seriously as I do.:clapping:

please help us to help you,