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 Posted: Tue Jan 9th, 2007 10:32 pm
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As posted in a section not readily available to Apprentices...
(Pay special attention to underlined sections)

THIS in an important technical bulletin regarding the use of hard-start kits on Electrolux products specifically and to alert technicians to the risk when installing any hard-start kit.The use of hard-start kits on Electrolux refrigeration products has resulted in several reported fires inside the machine compartment. Long-term use of a hard-start kit where the compressor is pulling well over the maximum allowable amperage can cause the hard-start kit to overheat and melt. Compressors, when operated from a test cord and checked with a wattmeter or amp test meter, found to be pulling over the rated current listed on the data sheet, should not have a hardstart kit installed to force the compressor ro run. This is not safe! In addition, a field technician is not doing the consumer a favor in the long term by leaving the hard-start kit installed and advising that the unit is somehow “fixed.” If you encounter a compressor that’s not starting on its own (relay and overload) start package, test the compressor with a test cord to determine if it’s running at or below its rating. If you determine that you need a new start package and the correct package isn’t available, a hard-start kit may be used for a few days to accommodate the customer and get the refrigerator cooling. However, do not permanently replace the OEM start package with a hard-start kit. Here’s some basic information: 1. When the compressor is pulling over 200 watts but below 400 watts on the test cord, the compressor may be failing or you may have a very high head pressure. You will need to tap into the sealed system. 2. If you have normal pressure and high current, the compressor is failing — replace the compressor. 3. When there is high head pressure, there may be a restriction or air in the system caused by a low-side leak. 4. If the compressor is pulling over 400 watts, it should be replaced. Again, installing a hard-start kit at this high current draw will allow both the wiring in the refrigerator and the hardstart kit to overheat — not a good thing

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