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 Posted: Wed Jan 3rd, 2007 03:59 am
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I was but a young skull full of mush at the tender age of 17, back in the early eighties,  when I got that job at Sam & Bea Amira Services.  They offered A/C, Appliance, minor Plumbing and Electrical service contracts.  I pulled and deliverd parts to the techs vans at night while they were parked at their homes.

It was there I met the Jedi Masters who showed me the ways of the Force.  This is as good a place as any to thank these men who took me under their collective wing and taught me the skills that have served well for over 25 years now.  Bill H. Bob Tracy, Joe H. Mike B, Ted and a special thanks to the Jedi Master Ken Bodine, who did his best to answer my constant questions for the nine months I rode along with him.  While we were working on jobs together he would look at me and say "keep it clean"  and we would do Nice work. 

I had my own van and was running calls when I was 18. I left the trade once for a few years.  Went to school. got this piece of paper says I know how to work on computers but I was miserable.  When I put that 1st temp selector switch in a whirlpool dryer after being away for those years it felt like coming home.