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 Posted: Tue Oct 10th, 2006 04:58 pm
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That is very useful information taken from the Supco website for someone who is not

familiar with the use of 3n'1 start devices as they apply to domestic refrigeration

units, i.e. fridges.  However, the majority of fridges made these days do not contain

start capacitors, only run capacitors.  The use of these 3n'1 start devices will in fact

hinder the overall performance of the compressor windings due to overheating.  I

cannot say how many fridges in my area have been equipped with a 3n'1 but I can

say that the fridges I have made a service call on with a 3n'1 installed, the result is a

failed compressor.  The length of time it ran before it failed was anywhere from 3

months to about a year.