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 Posted: Tue Oct 10th, 2006 01:43 pm
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Sorry to post again so late after the last posts. Im not glitch, if thats what u think anyway i have some pretty good info. I got it about 7 days ago so again sorry so late. 


Technical Bulletin # 071106-BS
Product – RCO Series 3 N’ 1 

In response to rumors that are being communicated by some Appliance Manufacturer’s about the Supco RCO 3 N’ 1 to the service field, I offer the following facts and information. 
  • The RCO series are UL recognized, UL file number E146162. Visit or contact UL @ 847-272-8800.
  • Supco has been manufacturing the RCO series successfully for over 40 years.
  • The RCO series are not faulty, nor do they cause a compressor to fail prematurely.
  • By installing the correct RCO properly it will improve the starting torque of the compressor. Providing the compressor is in Good Working Condition.
  • The RCO can be installed as a temporary or permanent electrical component.
  • Appliance Manufacturers require authorized replacement parts for they’re in warranty equipment. The Supco RCO series are not authorized by any Appliance Manufacturers.
  • The RCO is a reliable, safe, solid state, field proven, after market component that almost all Appliance and HVAC&R service professionals stock on their trucks to keep their customers equipment up and running.
Bill Smith
HVAC&R Product Manager

I gather unless its under factory warranty, then they are fine to use, IF you match it to the compressor.
oh here is a little more info I just found.

Are Compressor Hard Start Devices Needed?
Compressor hard start devices are a luxury item for service technicians to use in rectifying a myriad of compressor start problems.  It is true that the majority of hard start device applications result from the marginal voltages delivered by electric utilities during peak demand periods.  As the predominant application is air conditioning, the hard start device can serve as an insurance policy for compressor starts when voltages drop to 90% of rated line conditions.  The ability to ensure a compressor start under low voltage conditions can serve to minimize the number of “nuisance” service calls and allow a service contractor to focus on true problem events. 

As the air conditioning industry has expanded and diversified, numerous types and models of air conditioning units and compressors have entered the marketplace.  This diverse proliferation has resulted in the need to provide a one-size-fits-all compressor start device.  Investigations recently undertaken by SUPCO indicate that a start device should be closely matched to the compressor, and a one size for all approach may actually cause damage to a compressor if applied incorrectly.  All SUPCO technology employs the appropriate safeguards to ensure against compressor damage due to misapplied start devices.  This situation does not exist for most other start device manufacturers.

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