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 Posted: Sun Oct 1st, 2006 01:58 pm
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Brando wrote: no start capacitor? whats the "3" in 3-in-1 stand for?
so what if the warranty is voided, too bad no one around here does crappy whirlpool warranty. so ive actually made life easier for many people. saved them alot of money and saved them from rotting food.
and why did the capacitor die the first time? crappy parts... i use the 3-in-1's because i enjoy seeing compressors run.
and that bulliten was specifically talking about electrolux, something i would never have in my home...

How to respond to a statement like this?

Nick said something about a run capacitor, not the start capacitor, slight difference you know...

As Whirlpool warranty servicer, I have a hard time explaining to customers why their warranty has been voided by the previous tech -- now that they are facing an expensive compressor change-out...

Technical bulletins often contain useful information that cross-over from one brand to another, especially if basic fundamentals of operation are the same...

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