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 Posted: Sat Sep 30th, 2006 06:23 pm
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For starters you have removed the run capacitor from many compressors that were made to have them.

Secondly, all those compressors you serviced no longer have over-temperature protection.

Third, you have added a start capacitor to compressors that were not designed to have one.

Fourth, you may have made the unit draw more amperage than it was designed to handle.

Fifth, when one of these does fail, the next tech may refuse to honor the compressor warranty, and blame you for using an non-approved part.

The factory relays are just as cheap and easy to install as any 3-in-1 part.


Pegi posted this in the Dojo...


from Captain Toolhead...ASN


Field use of hard-start kits on Electrolux products


THIS in an important technical bulletin regarding the use of


hard-start kits on Electrolux products specifically and to alert


technicians to the risk when installing any hard-start kit.


The use of hard-start kits on Electrolux refrigeration products


has resulted in several reported fires inside the machine compartment.


Long-term use of a hard-start kit where the compressor


is pulling well over the maximum allowable amperage can


cause the hard-start kit to overheat and melt.


Compressors, when operated from a test cord and checked


with a wattmeter or amp test meter, found to be pulling over the


rated current listed on the data sheet, should not have a hardstart


kit installed to force the compressor ro run. This is not safe!


In addition, a field technician is not doing the consumer a favor


in the long term by leaving the hard-start kit installed and


advising that the unit is somehow “fixed.”


If you encounter a compressor that’s not starting on its own


(relay and overload) start package, test the compressor with a


test cord to determine if it’s running at or below its rating.


If you determine that you need a new start package and the


correct package isn’t available, a hard-start kit may be used for


a few days to accommodate the customer and get the refrigerator


cooling. However, do not permanently replace the OEM start


package with a hard-start kit.


Here’s some basic information:


1. When the compressor is pulling over 200 watts but below


400 watts on the test cord, the compressor may be failing or you


may have a very high head pressure. You will need to tap into


the sealed system.


2. If you have normal pressure and high current, the compressor


is failing — replace the compressor.


3. When there is high head pressure, there may be a restriction


or air in the system caused by a low-side leak.


4. If the compressor is pulling over 400 watts, it should be


replaced. Again, installing a hard-start kit at this high current


draw will allow both the wiring in the refrigerator and the hardstart


kit to overheat — not a good thing


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