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 Posted: Sat Sep 30th, 2006 01:20 pm
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nickfixit wrote: The manufacturers are Asswipes for replacing the compressors under warranty when some nitwit cooked it down with a 3-in-1.

I dunno... Something about my sense of integrity made me at least ask Whirlpool if they would cover the failed compressor with the 3-in-1 attached by another company's tech...

When I found the above 3-in 1 device, and when I found the screw in the evaporator on another call where another company's tech replaced the evaporator cover after a defrost problem, I asked the customer why the first tech didn't repair his mistake.

"They don't do sealed systems repairs, but said I wouldn't have to pay since the sealed system is covered by the 5 year warranty," was the answer in both cases.

I called Whrilpool about the 3-in1, and they replaced the compressor. I DID NOT call Frigidaire about the hole in the evaporator. I told the customer I was sorry, I wasn't touching this one with a ten foot pole, and I left the evaporator cover off so I couldn't catch the blame for the screw hole.

Long story short: The Store ended up replacing the unit because no one wanted to deal with the first tech's mistake, including the tech's manager after the tech admitted to doing it...

See there, Nick, now you got me preaching on the soapbox about integrity...

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