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 Posted: Mon Apr 3rd, 2006 12:29 pm
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OK Guys, I did some looking on the Frigidare service site

and found some service bulletin references to this replacement module but none say what is actually causing the problem or what part of the complete module is failing.


PROBLEM: Food freezing in the food compartment on 2001 model refrigerators.
CAUSE: Cold control failing to close the damper door or the damper door is sticking.
SOLUTION: There is a service kit available for SxS 2001 model refrigerators with the ADC (Adaptive Defrost
Control), part number 5303918268. The kit contains a food compartment control, a damper control,
and instruction sheet on how to install and check the product. If you are servicing a product that has
a timer defrost system, order food compartment control # 240448303 and damper control # 240347901.
The kit is for ADC models only. The instruction sheet in the ADC model kit can also be used on timer
models to install the parts and check the product for proper operation of the control system.


PROBLEM: Food freezing in the food compartment on Side by Side refrigerators with the two paddle dispenser in
the freezer door.
CAUSE: There are a number of different reasons for the freezing that are covered in previous Service Bulletins
and instruction sheets supplied with the control and damper kit.
SOLUTION: There will be a new service kit for the field that will consist of the back half of the control box (See Figure).
The kit will include the food and freezer control, the damper assembly, and the ADC control. The part will
be wired completely, except for the light socket. The part number for the kit will be 5303918282 and can
be installed in a 23 or 26 foot Side by Side, with the food and freezer controls located in the food
compartment. The new kit will be used to replace the back section of the control box on all models with the
mounting screw located behind the damper, holding the control box to the right side of the food liner. It will
be used to replace the TIMER defrost as well as the ADC defrost models. This kit was set up because of
the number of complaints of the old kit being hard to install and the number of field returns received at the
factory that were assembled incorrectly.

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