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 Posted: Sat Apr 1st, 2006 12:36 pm
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What a timely post, looks like it solves my problem.

Ron, could you give a little more input on what kind of problem this kit was to correct, (the service flash about it, if possible).

The one I worked on is a: PLHS269ZCB3 on 11/28/05 I replaced the refrig t-stat because the customer had a problem with everything in the refrig freezing, (including the water filter which burst).

This was my first one of these I've had to work on and took all apart checked damper control, all seemed to work ok but the t-stat would have to go full off to get the damper to close then when turned back up to max. it would not open unless I tapped on the control/t-stat area. My diagnoses was a bad t-stat, replaced it and all worked ok up until 2 days ago when they called and said it was freezing in refrig again.

Had the customer put a thermometer in refrig to watch the temp over night until I could get out yesterday. Got there and customer said it seemed to be working ok now, temps all looked good. T-stat was back to same as orginal, turn to zero/off to get damper to close then all the back to max/9 and it wouldn't open even tapping on it then a few minutes later it's open. DRIVING ME NUTS!!!!!!

My next step was going to be to replace the damper control which is just the damper/motor/switches for $68.00 to customer.

This part with everything will be only $102.00 to my customer and looks like it might solve my problem.

I need to know if this will work as a replacement in this model that I'm working on, the reason I ask this is my damper control is part# 241600902 which is not in this list of dampers that this part is said to replace

Appliance Part Depot:
Refrigerator Damper Kit
# FR 5303918283
CONTROL BOX KIT W/H WAS 240521106 02/03B - fully wired damper housing includes two hydraulic controls and plastic corner panel
- replaces the following original damper numbers: 240347901, 240375903, 240440701, 240448303, 240521101, 240521103, 240532901, 240532902, 5303918267, 5303918268, 5303918282, 5304421593, 5304428265

Any help or other feedback on what that actual problem is on these would be much apreciated.


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