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 Posted: Fri Mar 3rd, 2006 12:17 am
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I have a GE J KP 38GoJ3B-G. I used a flashlight. Read it a few times, but it was very hard to see.

Anyway, the appliance if a double wall oven of some vintage. It has been working fine.

Today, the upper oven's bottom heating element exploded. Well, maybe not a stick of dynamite explosion, but it caught fire and put powder all over the inside of the upper oven.

I thought it would be simple enough to find and replace the element, two 1/4" bolts and then uncrew the wiring lugs. But I am not sure I am finding the exact correct match for the element.

Also, when removing the element, I was surprised to find there is a significant voltage across the terminals or from the terminals to the oven's metal body. Enough voltage to cause me to yank my hand back. Is this normal with the oven not turned on (yes, it was still plugged in)?

Boiling it down:
1. Where should I go to find an element? Is there one I can buy?
2. Is it normal to have a voltage differential there or is this an indication of another problem?
3. Is it time to admit my level of competence has been reached and call for help? Is so, any recommendations?
4. Is this a sign I should replace the appliance?

Thanks for any help!

Randy in San Diego.