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 Posted: Wed Nov 30th, 2005 12:07 pm
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Here's the relevant info you will need. This is in the "Enrolled Students Classroom" which may only be available to the people who pay for Samurai's specialized phone help.

Budget Appliance Repair wrote:
No Samurai, that's not what Jimbo is looking for... He needs the drain flap shaft seal: WD8X181 CLICK HERE to order

Jimbo, if your shaft has this push-on nut in front of the seal I would suggest that you order a new one also. They can be difficult to get off, so easier to just cut off with sidecutting pliers and replace with new one.

Part# WR2X7054 CLICK HERE to order

The older units used a flat washer and a c-clip like that is in front of the shaft lever and was a much easier setup to deal with.

As far as your drain solenoid being rusted, if it's still working it should be ok to just clean up the plunger shaft and solenoid guide hole and it will be ok.

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