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 Posted: Mon Nov 28th, 2005 03:31 pm
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GE Model: GSD4020Z02BB

While replacing the door gasket which had become gummed up with the acoustic tar panels drooping off the door inside this machine, I noticed an accumulation of dried soap crust over the water stained floor.  The leak appeared to originate under the solenoid, away from the door.  With eyes on the valve stem above the solenoid, we started the cycle to ID the leak.

No leaks were observed during pump operation in the wash cycle.  When canceling the cycle, about 5-10 ml of water leaked from the stem, down the solenoid bracket and eventually to the floor.  No kinks in the drain line.  Could there be a gooish clog with backpressure in the drain line causing this leak?  Well level in the tub suggests drain cycle is being completed.

As a short term fix, we set a plastic tray under the solenoid and the leakage water seems to evaporate between cycles.  I suspect that the leakage will eventually corrode the solenoid base and failure will be observed in the undrained tub.

If the seal is bad around the stem, what needs to be replaced and how goes the course of repair?

Or... could we wait for solenoid failure, if the floor stays dry with the rigged drip tray?

It ain't broke yet.