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 Posted: Wed Jul 23rd, 2008 08:36 pm
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Did I read the instructions, check.
Did I install the seal in the correct direction as the instructions read, no. sigh.

Got a fresh set of parts and did the fix again today with a successful result. Thanks very much for your help! This site proved invaluable.

For posterity here are a couple of tips for future grasshoppers. I offer this as advice based on my on my single experience with my machine. Use it appropriately.

* The shaft will not slide out of the drain willy nilly. So use caution but my job took much longer the first time because I was afraid it would just jump out at me. As written earlier in the thread the most dangerous time is when you cut the nut off.

* Have at least a six inch pair of side cutters to get through the nut. I used those in combination with a heavy duty pair of channel lock pliers to cut through mine.

* My local appliance parts center sold me the seal but they sent me to a hardware store for the push on nut. i went to two and neither had anything close to what GE ships. Don't leave the house unless you are going to get both the seal and the nut. I ended up getting what i needed from

* When you do buy the parts buy two nuts just in case more adjustments are needed. The nut is cheap but dishwasher downtime is not!

* When you place the seal do so carefully, but make sure it is seated nice and tight. I had it seated fully to my naked eye but it was seeping water so i gave it another round of screwdriver presses to really jam it in there before i got a good seal.

* Read the directions twice to make sure the seal is on in the correct direction. The directions come with the seal from GE.

* Make as sure as you can that the seal is good before you put on the push nut. Once that goes on you don't get another chance without cutting it off. In my case i have a  little standing water in the dishwasher that proved a valuable tool in determining if the seal was tight.

* As described in the thread above when the seal is out the shaft has about 1/4" free play. The shaft has a notch in it for the push nut that will hold the shaft in the correct position which is out from the drain as far as the free play will allow. When the push nut is on at the right depth of the shaft it will turn freely (at least mine did).

* If you have questions post them, hopefully you'll get the same quick, helpful replies to your questions that i did to mine.