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 Posted: Thu Jul 17th, 2008 09:49 pm
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Thanks for clearing that up. It was all there as described.

I put in my new seal and push nut and reassembled to the point the clip attached. There was not enough shaft exposed for the clip to attach to and the shaft was so difficult to turn that the spring would not move it.

I found that if i pulled the shaft out about 1/4" it rotated as before and was able to move the push nut down 1/4" and reassembled successfully. Thankfully the shaft still seems to rotate the drain flap as designed.

But when i tested what had been a slow drip only when draining is now a slow drip while running and a quick drip while draining. The new seal seems to be installed the same depth as the old one. The date on the package of the seal was 2004. Either I installed the seal incorrectly, the new seal was defective in some way or there is some other problem causing the leak. I'm pretty confident the leak is around the shaft itself.

I only had the one push nut so am hesitant to monkey with it. I'd love some advice on what to check if i do need to take it all apart again.

Right now the seal is fully inserted into the plastic drain assembly. That is how the old one was sitting. Now i'm thinking that perhaps it is supposed to straddle the hole? And the 'push nut' which is shaped a bit like a pie tin is on with the tin facing out, away from the seal. From the design it seemed this was the right way to go on but thought i'd check.

If i need a new push nut does anyone carry those other than appliance stores? I went to two local hardware stores that could not help me and the GE package does not even print the size on it.  In my case not even the local appliance store had them-he sent me to the box store. But i can widen the net if needed.


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